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Our buyback offer

With Itancia Again, your equipment could be worth its weight in gold!
Buyback of IT equipment, mobile devices, IP/digital/data terminals

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Manage your electronic waste simply!

Itancia Again is accredited for WEEE management by environmental organisations

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Manage the end of life of your IT products with total simplicity

Don’t leave equipment that still has market value gathering dust on your shelves any longer!

Itancia Again, an expert in the circular economy, offers custom solutions for buying back unused end-of-life IT and telecoms equipment.

What is more, with Itancia Again, you can get some value out of your equipment at the end of its life cycle, and/or bring yourself into line with the WEEE regulations!

Discover our expertise

Recovery and buyback of your IT and telecoms equipment

Recovery and buyback of your mobile devices (tablets and smartphones)

Management and recycling of WEEE

Itancia supports its customers in managing used equipment (more than

253,000 products recovered in 2021)

Recover your equipment instead of throwing it away

Buyback of IT equipment and WEEE management from A to Z

For 30 years, we have been supporting companies in managing end-of-life IT equipment. We buy back IT equipment and help our partners find a solution to fluctuations in the supply chain or for unused electronic equipment.

Think about buyback of your IT equipment and WEEE management with Itancia Again!

1. List your equipment and request a valuation

2. Get our best offer

3. We dismantle and collect your equipment

4. We recycle or destroy your equipment (WEEE)

Request a valuation

Custom support

Buyback, collection or destruction, depending on the condition of your IT equipment

Keeping your data safe

We guarantee that your data will be erased with powerful tools (such as Blancco for PCs)

WEEE management

Itancia Again is accredited for WEEE management by environmental organisations