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In order to offer you ever-more innovative and scalable solutions for your audio conferencing needs, Itancia Technology surrounds itself with major players in business collaboration.

We work with around twenty brands in France and beyond to facilitate your customers’ everyday collaboration and communication. We select technology that is based on real usage practices and that meets all your needs, whether you are at the office, on the move, or working from home. We work with leading video conferencing and audio conferencing brands enabling fluid and natural conversations. Our range of interactive screens, displays, digital signage and room booking screens meet the needs of businesses, public bodies and retailers.

We are developing the Microsoft Teams Room market in France, adding value by supplying MTR Windows and Android solutions from 3 OEMs (Poly, Yealink, Lenovo).

We provide specific support including the demonstration, audit, presentation, hardware loan, POC, training, logistics, commissioning and operation phases, managed by our specialist pre-sale experts in the office and in the field to make a success of your projects and satisfy your customers.

Partnership with Microsoft

Develop and increase adoption of Microsoft Teams Room based around  Poly, Lenovo and Yealink

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*This list of brands is not exhaustive for all distribution countries.

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