Itancia Again

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Our offer of refurbished products:

Access to all our refurbished IT products:
PCs, smartphones, licenses, routers, headsets etc.

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Our trade-in offer

Manage your unused or obsolete products while saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Our CO2-saving indicator

Control and evaluate your
carbon footprint

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Our tailor-made services offer

Benefit from customized services for the maintenance, use and renewal of your fleets with our Factory experts.

Pioneer of the second life

Itancia Again – French refurbisher since 1991 offers to companies and their employees carbon saving solutions.

We offer companies a large catalog of refurbished technological products ranging from smartphones to business collaboration tools, including second life PCs and computer licenses.

We do not only offer refurbished products. We are also able to control  a product’s entire life cycle: buyback & take-back offer, WEEE management, repair, other value-added services...

Our 2 refurbishment centers & our after-sales service department are in France

products were given a second life in 2022. A saving of 9,000T of CO2eq 

In 2022, we supported our customers in the treatment of their waste with the destruction of over 262T of waste.

A video is worth 1,000 words

32 years of experience

Benefit from the expertise and knowledge of the pioneer of the second life of technology products.

Quality & reliability

Enhance your image: all our products are repaired and refurbished in France according to a rigorous process including many check points.

Tailor-made services

Benefit from value-added services with your Again products or your existing products in order to optimize the deployment, use, maintenance and renewal of your fleets.

Availability & cost Savings

Access the largest catalog of IT products, immediately available, while reducing your costs.

Engaged & responsible

You promote local employment and your ecological commitment by working with a French partner who produces in France and integrates real CSR approaches.

All in one

With Itancia Again, buy responsibly, recycle and extend the life of your products.
A unique partner for all your economic and environmental issues.

Discover our « Refurbished products » range


PCs, headphones & smartphones

Networks and connectivity

Video / audioconference

Retail & electronic banking

Used licenses

Do you have un project?

Itancia again does not only refurbish products but also controls the whole life cycle of IT equipments: purchasing, refurbishing, repairing and reintroducting them on the market.

Buyback / trade-in of IT equipments & WEEE management

Discover our offer for your unused and/or obsolete products: on-site collection, recovery, WEEE

Sale or rental of refurbished products

Discover our catalog of refurbished IT products with more than 150,000 references

CO2-saving indicator

When you purchase our refurbished products, you can get the measure of your company’s carbon footprint and the CO2 emissions you saved

Repair service

Reduce your impact on the environment by extending the life of your products: repair them instead of throwing them away or buy new ones

Our certifications

Our 24/7 e-store

Simple, fast and efficient, our e-store allows you to place your orders, manage your account, and access a multitude of information in real time (product availability, prices, promotions etc…).


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