Our CSR commitment

Since 1991, the Itancia group has implemented a wide range of initiatives as part of its deep-rooted commitment to sustainable development.

With our employees and our ecosystem, we are pursuing a continuous improvement approach led by an internal sustainable committee focusing on environmental, social and economic matters.

Our commitment is manifested in real actions taken at our sites, in our range of eco-responsible solutions, and in our endowment fund, which supports projects to protect biodiversity.

Since 2011, we have performed ADEME-registered carbon accounting to measure our progress in reducing our impact.

In 2021, we had reduced our energy consumption by 69% compared to 2007. We also increased our fauna and flora species by 95% on our production sites in La Jubaudière and Valanjou (France) with the actions we took with advice from LPO France.

A long-standing and pragmatic commitment to CSR

Our certifications


4,700m² of photovoltaic solar panels cover 50% of our energy needs


Gender equality

Gender equality index:




90% of the commercial vehicle fleet is electric

We were awarded an Ecovadis Gold Medal in 2022 and are among the top 4% of companies assessed on their CSR policies

“Meeting our customers’ needs while reducing our own impact”



Our eco-responsible solutions represented a saving of 14,190T C02e in 2021

12 organic beehives installed on our sites, producing 100kg of honey in 2022


More than 175 recruitments in 2022

Through our endowment fund

Since it was created in 2011, the Itancia endowment fund has supported over 120 projects and invested €2 million in various initiatives. The endowment fund plans to continue its investment in CSR policy through its own initiatives and by supporting new projects in 2023.

The endowment fund

For him, her, and us

To fight exclusion and all forms of discrimination, we have set up social and charity initiatives:

• 1 in 4 employees are safety-qualified
52% of employees are women
24% of appointments were through internal promotion
• Establishment of a Nature Club to raise our employees’ children’s environmental awareness in a fun and interactive way
• Integrating people with disabilities: partnership with a disability-friendly company to place employees with disabilities at our sites

Equal pay is a key issue for us. In 2021, our gender equality index was 86/100, and was divided like this:

• Gender pay gap: 36/40
• Individual wage increase gap: 20/20
• Employees on maternity leave who have had a pay rise during the reference period: 15/15
• Number of people of the under-represented gender in the 10 highest wages: 0/10
• Promotions distribution gap: 15/15

Itancia: partner of the LPO (French league for the protection of birds)

For biodiversity

For many years, we have been protecting endangered fauna and flora through eco-positive projects:

• Sites in France are accredited LPO bird refuges
12 organic beehives installed on our sites, producing 65kg of honey in 2021
• The Itancia endowment fund has been supporting hundreds of biodiversity protection projects for over 10 years
• In the space of 5 years, we have increased biodiversity at our sites by 95%

For a responsible economy

We produce goods and services while keeping our consumption of raw materials and non-renewable energy sources to a minimum:

95% of our industrial waste is recovered through streamlining of sorting methods and waste treatment channels
Contract with Ecologic to organise the collection of Waste from Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
• The renewable energy produced at our sites covers 50% of our electricity needs
• By 2022, we had reduced our energy consumption by 69% compared with 2007 levels

Via Itancia Again, we offer the following services:

Refurbishment and buyback of technology products
• Reduction of companies’ carbon footprint via our new CO2 Saving offer, by calculating the CO2 saving made by purchasing reconditioned products over new ones
• We are accredited to apply the Carbon Accounting method

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