2021, un anno cruciale e il punto di partenza di una nuova era!

03 January 2022

The Itancia group in 2021 is :

The “Rise” project:

As part of its Rise project, the Itancia Group has strengthened its unique market positioning by creating three new strategic pillars around its historical activities:

These activities, supported by three new brands, make it possible to meet the market’s expectations in terms of new technologies and eco-responsibility.

The new brand ‘909’:

2021 was also marked by the development of our new brand 909, the newbornin the home repair market for consumer electronics and appliances. 909 was born from the merger of four key players in this market: Tech Service, LM3S, STVS and Iphinity. The brand now has 5 branches across France. We are thus developing our local service offers around the repair of white goods and strands in nearly 60% of the French territory.

The “CSR” commitment:

Driven by a deep commitment since 1991, the Itancia group has multiplied its initiatives to sustainably address environmental, social and economic issues.

Our commitment is reflected in the concrete actions implemented on our sites, our eco-responsible offers and solutions and our endowment fund which supports projects in favour of biodiversity protection :

The group provides concrete projects for societal development. Thanks to its association with Qualea, an adapted company with which the Itancia group is proud to be associated for the creation of a Temporary Company Grouping in order to contribute to the professional integration of people with disabilities. This operation thus enables us to propose an offer of equipment takeover to companies, via our Itancia Again activity, with a view to reconditioning and reuse of the elements bought back.

2022, the year of development :

Around collaboration and security technologies:

2022 is an opportunity to rethink the way we live and work, Itancia Technology, a distribution business of innovative technological solutions, brings to your personal and workspaces the equipment you need to be seen and heard to perfection while continuing to ensure your IT protection. Itancia Technology has a truly international reach through the 9 Itancia subsidiaries in Europe, Africa and America. 2022 will be the year of innovation, digital and customer experience with a brand new BtoB site expected at the end of the year.

Around services and tailor-made solutions:

2022 is also the year of customisation and therefore of Itancia Factory, a service and consulting activity of the Itancia group which offers a range of customised services based on our technical, logistical and industrial know-how.

Through our experience of more than 30 years, we have built up an efficient industrial and logistical tool that can be adapted to each of your needs with 6 operational sites in France and Italy.

Our main offers among a large catalogue of tailor-made offers are :

Around eco-responsibility :

The year 2022 is the year of responsible digital technology and therefore of our Itancia Again activity.

Companies need to be able to respond to social and environmental issues and integrate sustainable development into their operations: product reconditioning, equipment buy-back, CO2 savings with our CO2-saving indicator.

Itancia Again will accompany you throughout the year, through its eco-responsible offers, to improve your CSR balance sheet.

Around the customer experience :

2022 is the year of innovation, digital and customer experience.

We will continue to imagine, create and optimise our offers and services, our digital platforms and also our various physical sites around the world in order to provide you with unique, differentiating experiences focused on your needs.

2022 will be the year of our BtoC brands with Again on the market of reconditioned smartphones made in France with already more than 1 million users worldwide; but also with 909, a new brand expert in the repair of electronic products and household appliances with more than 700,000 French users, the goal is to reach a national coverage of 100%.

Itancia’s mission is to accompany each person daily through local services and responsible technological solutions.

Around people :

In 2022, Itancia will continue to uphold its human and social values thanks to new recruitments to promote the professional integration of people with disabilities, with new people taken on during the year with the temporary company grouping.The Itancia team is committed to making a difference thanks to its 550 employees, 5,000 partners and clients, millions of users around the world and an exponential community of over 15,000 subscribers.

The final word:

“2021 was a landmark year that celebrated 30 years of strong partnerships and launched a new era that more strongly combines innovation and preservation of the planet. We sincerely thank you for your loyalty over the past 30 years. You have helped us to grow and evolve into what we are today: a committed group that supports its customers in adopting responsible practices thanks to tailor-made solutions that strike the right balance between technology, economy and ecology… We wish you a very happy year 2022 full of success and business. ” Thierry LE GOFF, Managing Director of Itancia.

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