Itancia’s new e-business store combines all the codes of B2C with the power and demands of B2B:

19 September 2022

Itancia’s new e-busines store combines all the codes of B2C with the power and demands of B2B:

An enhanced user experience and services tailored to IT professionals

The digitization of businesses and the constant evolution of technologies have led B2B site Itancia to undertake a complete overhaul of its online sales site towards its new Itancia e-business Store this October. With over 32 years of experience, Itancia is a major player in the distribution of new and refurbished IT products and services exclusively to professionals, installers and integrators. This redesign aims to improve site performance and offer an optimal user experience. 

Discover the main advantages that the new Itancia e-commerce store will offer its professional users:

A vast selection of IT products to meet all your needs:

Itancia’s e-business store brings together a wide range of IT products, both new and refurbished, from the market’s leading manufacturers and suppliers. Headsets, CPUs, switches, IPBX, cloud, PCs, DECT, video conferencing solutions, repair services, technical support and training are all just a click away. Our goal is to provide you with all the products and services you need to successfully complete your telecommunications and networking projects.

Intuitive, user-friendly navigation for a fluid experience:

We’ve designed our platform with an emphasis on smooth, intuitive navigation. You’ll be able to easily explore different product categories, perform advanced searches and compare specifications to make informed decisions. We aim to simplify your online experience by offering a user-friendly, ergonomic interface.

Competitive and personalized pricing to satisfy you and enhance your experience:

The new Itancia e-commerce store offers personalized pricing based on your discount levels and purchase history. We want to reward your loyalty by offering you competitive and advantageous prices. What’s more, we offer catalog export to facilitate your purchasing process.


A simplified ordering process to save you time :

Our user-friendly interface makes ordering a breeze. We’ve optimized the ordering process to save you time and simplify your shopping. With just a few simple steps, you can finalize your orders and concentrate on the essentials. Your order history will allow you to easily consult the orders you have already placed and re-order them quickly and easily. Several payment methods are available, including credit card.

Comprehensive information and support :

Our Itancia e-commerce store is more than just an online sales platform. We also want to provide you with useful product information and resources. Thanks to our data aggregator, you’ll have access to enriched content. In your personal space, you’ll find a veritable toolbox of product and service documentation on installation, commissioning procedures and all your past and current user licenses.

What’s more, our dedicated sales team is on hand to answer all your questions and support you throughout your purchasing journey.

A personalized dashboard

Your account area features a dedicated dashboard, where you can easily access your quotes, invoices, past orders, favorite products and shopping baskets. Your account space offers a dashboard dedicated to you, to help you make decisions and manage your orders.

The overhaul of the Itancia e-business store is part of a global approach to modernizing the information system, thanks to a new OroCommerce CMS (Content Management System) accompanied by Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management). It follows the switchover of our ERP system in December 2022, demonstrating Itancia’s determination to adapt to the growing needs of businesses for digitalization and task automation. Itancia recognizes the importance of modern technologies in supporting its customers’ growth and responding to economic, technological and ecological challenges.

Ahead of this overhaul, the Rise project was initiated to clearly redefine Itancia’s expertise through three essential pillars:

Itancia Technology : Distribution of new IT products.

Itancia Again : Distribution of refurbished IT products.

Itancia Factory : Training, repair and support services.

These pillars demonstrate Itancia’s expertise, solidity, agility, proximity and responsiveness to its customers. The aim is to offer telecom and network solutions tailored to the specific needs of professional installers and integrators, while providing superior service.

The user experience is a key element in the choice of a supplier of IT products and services. That’s why the redesign of our Itancia e-business store focuses on intuitive navigation, optimal page load time performance and a personalized experience. Our aim is to offer our customers a high-performance, user-friendly online platform tailored to their business needs and the growing demands of the marketplace.

Itancia, remains determined to be the trusted partner for all telecom and network solutions, providing expertise, solidity, agility, proximity and responsiveness to our customers.

We look forward to sharing this new experience with you – see you in October!

We invite you to our live streaming event on October 12 from 11am to 12pm to present the new Itancia e-business store. We’ll be joined by a number of experts in their field to give you a detailed presentation of the Store’s embedded technologies and new features, and all the benefits they offer to make your browsing and ordering experience as smooth as possible.

Register now to make sure you don’t miss out! Exclusive announcements, a sneak preview of the Store for Live Itancia participants only, and other surprises await you. This Live Itancia is an original one-shot that we’ve taken great care to prepare to satisfy and surprise you.

Places are limited, and access to this live event will only be granted to participants who have registered via the link below

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