Business Case: Bleaching of PCs

23 January 2023

Customer testimonial: A major retail brand trusts Itancia Factory

What was the client’s problem?

A large retail brand wanted to bleach all the data from its computer park, which included thousands of PCs. What is data cleasing? It consists in erasin all the data on a storage space in a secure and certified way. Therefore they were looking for a service provider that could manage a large flow of technology products in a synchronized manner.

The retail brand does not own its PCs but has a lease agreement with a leaser. At the end of the lease contract, they are obliged to delete all user data.

What solutions were deployed by Itancia Factory?

• We sent empty pallet boxes to the 140 sites of the company.

• The company filled these pallets with their thousands of PCs

• We realized the repatriation of these boxes in our premises

• The bleaching was perfumed on each of the hard drives with a secure ad certified software, Blancco (certified by ANSSI). This process takes place in a secure processing area to avoid any data theft.

• We have provided our client with a storage space to host his PCs for the time desired by the client (3 months)

• Through our various transport services, we repatriated the equipment to the leaser’s site.

What is the result of this project with Itancia Factory?

We laundered thousands of computers for this large company on our site.

Our bleaching capacity is about 100 PCs per day.

The work was done according to the customer’s request. The customer was very satisfied with our service and the products were returned to the leaser in the correct manner.

We were able to respect the budget of the client.

What were the benefits brought to the customer?

The customer was satisfied because Itancia allowed him to save time in a first time thanks to the sending of our pallet boxes and in a second time thanks to our Blancco certified software. The customer did not have to take care of the transport of his material. In addition, they were assured that all their data was securely deleted.

While Itancia took care of his PC fleet, he was able to continue his business.

For this project, here are the advantages for Itancia Factory:

Sending of pallet boxes: We provide our containers to accelerate the process of transfer to our site, the customer lost consequently less time.

Audit: At reception of the products, we realized an audit od quantity for the customer.

Blanching with Blancco: Secure and ISO 9001 certified, we guarantee data erasure in compliance with the cybersecurity standard.

Stock hosting: We have 24,500m² of surface area, we are owners of our premises which was more reassuring for the client (no risk of service interruption) and greater proximity thanks to the use of our numerous partner sites. Moreover, a surface was dedicated especially for this laundering.

Optional services: We proposed the valorization of their PCs park with an offer of repurchase.

Transport logistics: sending and receiving products.

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