Business Case – IT Asset Management

20 October 2021

Today, let’s talk about IT asset management, a field in which Itancia Factory has developed real expertise.

IT asset management

Thanks to our experience of more than 30 years, our teams have become specialists in the deployment of computer systems, and more precisely in the configuration of software, hardware or computer networks. Itancia Factory offers you its logistical expertise to provide you with tailor-made services before and after your project.

The best illustration of our know-how remains the proof by example, here is our achievement: 

The client’s problem: A global CAC 40 company needing to outsource its IT equipment and to find a reliable partner capable of installing workstations in industrial volumes and in compliance with the international ISO 27001 standard for information systems security.

Our deployed solutions: thanks to our methods office, we have put in place a tailor-made offer, adapted to our client’s users, allowing perfect continuity with their IT equipment via the configuration/masterisation of the latter. We also succeeded in guaranteeing our client the best performance in terms of meeting delivery deadlines, ensuring the confidentiality and security of their data while helping them to reduce their carbon footprint.

Results: we configure more than 15,000 workstations annually in France and Europe for this CAC 40 multinational, with a level of customisation that is perfectly adapted to its uses.

Business Challenge

-Obtain a reliable partner capable of installing workstations in industrial volumes of 15,000+ per year

-Ensure best-in-class performance in terms of on-time delivery

-Optimise the overall cost of the IT solution

-Create a strong partnership providing perfect service quality with the flexibility and ability to adapt the organisation to change and innovation

-Ensure data privacy and security

-Continue to do our best to reduce the carbon footprint

Tangible benefits

-Grâce au partenariat pertinent entre notre client et Itancia, une solution dédiée a été conçue pour répondre aux besoins et aux demandes d’une entreprise mondiale du CAC 40

-Ces 12 derniers mois, Itancia a atteint un taux de réussite de 96,4% concernant l’expédition du jour J

-Itancia a optimisé le modèle logistique. Les PC sont pré-masterisés sur la base de l’historique des demandes, ce qui permet de gagner du temps dans la livraison, et les expéditions sont groupées, ce qui permet de diminuer les coûts et de réduire l’empreinte carbone

-Fluidité de l’échange d’informations permettant une parfaite continuité de service grâce à la pré-masterisation basée sur l’analyse prédictive via notre ERP

How we got here

-Itancia is ISO50001 certified (energy performance management) and partially autonomous in its power supply (solar panels). It ensures the reduction of the carbon footprint

-Based on its long-term excellence, our client ensures the governance of the project and organises regular reviews with Itancia, which constantly monitors production

-Thanks to its statistical model, Itancia can master in advance, which allows a better availability of the material, the mastering being a long operation of several hours, thus allowing a faster delivery

-Itancia makes it a point of honour to improve its operational excellence every day

-A dedicated secure room has been built to create a restricted area to ensure the security of the data

-A multi-disciplinary team monitors operations for our end customer on a permanent basis

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