Business Case – Electronic component recovery

05 September 2022

Customer Story : EPU manager of a multinational company specialising in the transport sector.

What was your problem ?

A BGA component is obsolete at our supplier’s (the problem would be similar if I could no longer supply it). I have to recover it from other boards which are not caused by this component (e.g. partially burnt board).

What solutions have been deployed by Itancia Factory ?

Once the component has been removed from the donor board, it is reassembled at Itancia to be stored in a dry cabinet and reused on another board.

What is the outcome of the Itancia Factory ?

The work was carried out in accordance with our request. A quality monitoring sheet allows us to put a compliant product in stock.

What are the perceived benefits of Itancia Factory know-how ?

The control of the process ensures a good degree of reliability of the product delivered to the customer.

Itancia performs an entry check and initiates a repair only if the product is compliant.

Why did you choose Itancia Factory ?

Itancia is a qualified company for this work according to our criteria.

Itancia was audited by an expert who validated its approach (process, technology, tooling, etc.) which allows me to place orders.

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