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Our CO2-saving indicator

Itancia Again supports all its partner businesses with their CSR policies

Measure, control and reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint

For your CSR needs, Itancia Again, an expert in the circular economy, is the ideal partner to help reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint. We offer concrete solutions to promote a more responsible and sustainable approach: buyback, refurbished products, repairs and WEEE management.

Through our C02-saving offer, you can measure your company’s carbon footprint and easily assess the CO2 savings made by buying our refurbished products!

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A CO2 savings calculator

A CO2 savings calculator

The Itancia Again team has developed a calculator based on the Bilan Carbone® carbon footprint assessment methodology devised by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME). On each document issued by Itancia Again, you can find the CO2 savings you have made by purchasing our refurbished products.

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Reducing CO2 emissions is a real driver of any company’s performance:


Reduce costs by lowering the energy consumption of your buildings…


Reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint will attract environmentally committed decision-makers.


Communicating about your actions will have a substantial impact on the image of your brand and your company.

Smartphones refurbished in France

Buy responsibly

As well as saving you money, purchasing “refurbished” electronic products (telecoms, IT, mobiles, networks) immediately improves your carbon footprint through genuine reductions in CO2 emissions.

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