Health and refurbished smartphones

Itancia Again: protect the planet, protect your users !

Are you an IT vendor, an operator or a company wanting more information about our refurbished smartphones?

    Itancia Again is the only French refurbisher to be CheckWave® certified

    The CheckWave label was created by the company ART-Fi, specialised in the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measurement. It measures – in watt per kilogram – the waves absorbed by the human body when using a connected object (smartphone, computer, watch, earphones, bluetooth, etc.).

    With this unique technology**, we are the only refurbisher in France to have the CheckWave label while the decree of 17 February 2022 obliges ALL refurbishers to guarantee the legal safety obligations

    Protect the planet while protecting your employees

    Businesses are increasingly supplying their employees with refurbished smartphones. It’s more environmentally friendly, more economical and quite simply more virtuous.

    However, the level of the electromagnetic waves – also called “SAR waves”of a second-hand smartphone can exceed the legal safety threshold. This is why we obtained
    a unique technology that enables us to measure the waves absorbed by the user directly on the refurbishment line.

    Itancia Again – a pioneer in refurbishment***

    Itancia Again offers CO2-saving solutions to companies.

    For 30 years, we have made it our mission to promote the circular economy. We support our customers every day by making available our extensive catalogue of refurbished technology products, ranging from smartphones to business collaboration solutions, not to mention PCs and second-hand licences.

    Our expertise is not limited to refurbished products, but also includes in-depth knowledge of the entire product life cycle: buyback, refurbishment, repair, and reintroduction onto the market.

    *On the French market as of June 13, 2022 – **D-PHASE technology protected by 4 exclusive patents – ***French refurbisher since 1991

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    Are you an IT vendor, an operator or a company wanting more information about our refurbished smartphones?

    30 years’ experience

    Benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a pioneer in giving technology products a second life

    Comprehensive understanding

    Meet all your sustainability challenges and reduce your carbon impact thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the entire product life cycle for a wide range of IT solutions

    Committed & responsible

    You can promote local employment and pursue your environmental commitments by working with a French partner that produces in France and is itself fully committed to meaningful CSR policies

    Quality & reliability

    Boost your image: all our products are repaired and refurbished in France using a stringent process that incorporates multiple verification criteria

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