Itancia commits to reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology with Planet Tech’Care

13 July 2021

Itancia, an eco-responsible distributor and service provider, specialising in communication, collaboration, networking and enterprise security solutions in Europe, Africa and the United States, is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology alongside Planet Tech’Care by becoming a signatory of its manifesto.

A joint meta-initiative with a strong ambition

Itancia is proud to be associated with Planet Tech’Care and to join this community which gathers companies of all sectors, sizes and degree of maturity on the Digital and Environment theme with over 390 signatories.

Planet Tech’Care is a platform that connects signatories (companies of all sizes and sectors, training providers, local authorities, public players) who wish to take action to reduce the environmental footprint of digital technology, with a network of partners who are experts in digital technology and the environment. Planet Tech’Care was officially launched on 8 October at the “Digital and the environment: let’s make the transitions converge” symposium organised jointly by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery and the Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications.

The ambition of this platform is to create a dynamic around actors committed to eco-responsible digital technology, to federate expertise to move from commitment to action, to create open source and open data commons and to position itself on a European scale.

“Digital technology has a significant impact on the environment, in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, the depletion of natural resources and water and soil pollution. The multiplication of uses and the omnipresence of digital technology oblige us to act urgently. We are convinced that in order to encourage as many players as possible to take action, it is essential to facilitate their trajectory by federating existing initiatives, by working to create common ground, particularly around measurement, and by making an abundant but still very fragmented ecosystem more transparent. Planet Tech’Care was born out of this observation, with a strong message: it is the strength of the collective and the pooling of resources that will enable us to scale up and maximise our impact towards a more environmentally friendly digital environment,” says Véronique Torner, Director of Numeum, in charge of the Responsible Digital Programme and Planet Tech’Care.

We are delighted to welcome Itancia, a historical eco responsible actor, among our signatories, congratulations for this great mobilization!

Véronique Torner, Director of Numeum, in charge of the Responsible Digital Programme and Planet Tech’Care

A group with an eco-responsible, forward-thinking DNA

Ecology has been part of Itancia’s DNA since its creation in France in 1991. Itancia offers its customers solutions that are part of the virtuous circle of the circular economy through repair, reconditioning and recycling offers that promote the reduction of waste and the protection of natural resources. Its CSR commitment is also reflected in the deployment of concrete responsible actions within its sites but also by the creation and support of the Itancia endowment fund. Since 2011, Itancia has been carrying out a carbon footprint certified by ADEME, enabling it to measure its progress in reducing its impact.

Itancia is committed to digital responsibility and is a signatory of the Planet Tech’Care manifesto:

1. Recognise that environmental change is a major challenge for humanity on which digital actors have an impact and must mobilise

2. Mobilise to contribute, at your level, to the control of environmental risks

3. Establish training modules or curricula to develop the skills of students and staff in responsible and environmentally efficient digital technology.

“Extending the life of equipment is a quick, simple and immediately effective way to reduce the ecological footprint of digital technology. We are therefore working to capture as soon as possible the sources of equipment abandoned by some to benefit others,” emphasises Regis Robin, Quality, Safety and Environment Director at Itancia.

About Planet Tech’Care

Planet Tech’Care is a platform that brings together companies and training providers who wish to take action to reduce the environmental footprint of digital technology with a network of partners who are experts in digital technology and the environment. By committing to a manifesto, signatories have free access to a support programme consisting of workshops designed by the initiative’s partners. The platform is run by Syntec Numérique’s Responsible Digital program.

About Itancia

Founded in 1991, Itancia is the eco-responsible distributor and service provider, specialized in communication solutions, collaboration and network infrastructures for companies in Europe and Africa. Itancia group is 40% of growth over the last 3 years, a turnover of 200 millions euros in 2020 and an international presence via 450 collaborators spread over 9 subsidiaries. Itancia’s teams accompany their customers through each of the key stages of their projects: before, during and after the deployment of the solutions.
With more than 5000 resellers, the Itancia group is structured around 3 activities:

  1. The distribution of unique technological solutions, adapted to the requirements and constraints of each customer, with more than 60 brands referenced, leaders on their markets.

2. The creation of ecological solutions to control and renew the life cycle of products.

3. Customer support and the provision of value-added services based on technical, intellectual, logistical and industrial know-how.

Itancia is certified: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, CSR ISO 26000, ISO 50001, Ecovadis 2019.
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Planet Tech’Care contacts

Programme management: Véronique Torner, Administrator of Numeum

Itancia contacts

Sales Department: Mathieu GALVAING –
Marketing Department: Clément HERAUD –

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