Zyxel launches its WiFi 6 offer

30 November 2020

Itancia partner Zyxel is expanding its 802.11ax access point portfolio, providing additional options for customers who want to deliver higher performance and consistent WiFi experiences to all users. “The evolution of wifi capabilities and needs is constant year after year. With this range of Zyxel’s WiFi 6 Series, we are able to support and assist with any project, from small businesses to high-density environments such as schools and concert halls,” said Lucas Ponton, Zyxel’s Pre-Sales Engineer.

Faster WiFi for everyone, every time

Surely you’ve already heard about WiFi 6 and its benefits? Zyxel launched its first WiFi 6 access point – the WAX650S – last May. We’ve had a lot of interest in the product and now that more and more mobile devices have been launched with support for the latest standard, we’re seeing even more traction. “This new range in WIFI 6 meets future demands for high throughput via a WIFI solution. With the WIFI6 of the Zyxel range, we have an increase of the flow of +40% compared to its predecessors, Zyxel is part of the first actors to propose a product on this buoyant market segment” adds Alexandre FRESNEAU, Zyxel specialist at Itancia.

The arrival of two new Zyxel access points is therefore very timely. The new NWA110AX is an entry-level model that will meet the needs of small businesses that want to support WiFi 6, while the WAX510D is designed for SMEs that need to support multiple users and guests throughout the day.

The NWA110AX comes with NebulaFlex, which means it can be managed via the Nebula Control Centre, allowing administrators or MSPs to remotely configure, monitor and make changes. This dual-radio access point supports high data rates and uses smart antenna technology to eliminate co-channel interference, increase signal strength and ensure that all connected users always get the best possible performance.

The WAX510D access point offers all this and more. It’s also dual radio, wall and ceiling mounting options allow the access point to be located for maximum coverage and minimum interference. In addition, it can be managed using NebulaFlex Pro, giving users the flexibility to switch between standalone, controller-managed and cloud-managed modes. It comes with a one-year Nebula Pro Pack license.

These two access points join the previously mentioned WAX650S, which remains our flagship WiFi 6 product, offering high speed and capacity for organizations looking for the best performance of the vest. This equipment has a multi-gigabit Ethernet PoE port and an additional 1 Gbit / s Ethernet port, so in addition to optimal performance, it guarantees flexibility.

All of these WiFi 6 access points use the latest technology to deliver up to six times the throughput of 11ac access points and allow more users to connect without straining bandwidth. This means that all users will enjoy the same smooth and consistent experience. These features provide superior performance and support for higher user densities. This provides faster, more reliable WiFi to all users, all the time.

We are now able to provide a speed equivalent to that of an Ethernet connection, going beyond the gigabit, while enjoying the freedom of use provided by a WiFi connection.

Lucas Ponton


Zyxel France, a subsidiary of the Taiwanese group of the same name, is one of the world’s leading Internet access solution providers. A pioneer in the manufacture of modems, Zyxel innovates and is now one of the few IT players to offer complete network solutions covering all needs (CPE and xDSL solutions, LTE routers, security gateways, WiFi hotspots, NAS, switches, controllers and WiFi access points, Cloud…). Popular with professionals, its solutions are adopted by different types of companies, from very small businesses to large corporations. In strong growth these last years (turnover of 12 million € in 2019), Zyxel France also proposes solutions of online management allowing to adapt simply the network to the needs of the company by centralizing the access points, the switches, the Zyxel gateways etc.

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About Itancia

Founded in 1991, Itancia is the eco-responsible distributor specialized in enterprise communication solutions in Europe and Africa. Its mission, to accompany you in each of the 4 phases of the product life cycle: the takeover, the purchase, the deployment, the maintenance. With more than 4000 resellers, the group’s activity is based on 4 complementary service activities: multi-brand distribution of telecommunications equipment, collaborations and network infrastructures. The sale of eco-recycled products; the electronic repair of industrial and computer equipment; the provision of services with customized logistic solutions. The Itancia Group is 60% growth over the last 3 years, a turnover of 184 million euros in 2019 and an international presence via 450 employees spread over 9 subsidiaries.

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Marketing Department: Clément HERAUD – c.heraud@itancia.com

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