Prohacktive and Itancia sign a distribution agreement in Europe and Africa

31 May 2021

The partnership agreement means that Itancia is ready to offer ProHacktive to all its partners in Europe and Africa.

Itancia strengthens its portfolio of cybersecurity offerings

Itancia is strengthening its portfolio of cybersecurity offerings with the addition of this Plug and Play solution, which alerts companies in real time if any network vulnerabilities.

A simple and intuitive interface lists all network equipment and highlights the vulnerabilities for each piece of equipment. The proposed remediation options will enable companies to strengthen the protection of their IS at their own pace and in an autonomous manner. Thus, they will be able to easily consolidate the security of their system and limit the impact of possible computer attacks. While guaranteeing the security of customer data, the SHERLOCK® box also offers the generation of customisable reports, means of notification to constantly monitor the state of its network, and the possibility of customising audits according to its strategy for strengthening the security of its IS.

Benoit MALCHROWICZ, CEO of ProHacktive, confirms “Risk management is indeed a major issue at the moment. The democratisation of hacking tools calls for a sovereign response, accessible financially and technically to the entire economic fabric. As part of its French and international development, ProHacktive is delighted to take a new step through this partnership with Itancia, a leading distributor of technological solutions. We also fully support our new partner’s recognised commitment to environmental responsibility, which is now an essential dimension of a successful relationship.”

This new agreement completes our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, allowing us to offer our customers a diversified range of products, including this new modern risk assessment and control product against cyber-attacks.

Mathieu Leduc, Head of Cybersecurity & Software Business Activity at Itancia

About ProHacktive

ProHacktive is a French company, labelled French Tech Seed, publisher of preventive cybersecurity software founded in February 2018.
To date, the only preventive cybersecurity solution is an audit conducted by an expert firm. This service is ad hoc, expensive and technically inaccessible, depriving more than 98% of companies of a preventive approach to cyber risk management. In fact, the democratised cybersecurity audit gives company decision-makers visibility on their cyber risk, but also involvement in the management of this now structural risk.

Therefore, it seems to us that a complementary solution to reactive cybersecurity solutions (antivirus and intrusion detection systems) is more than necessary. This solution allows us to reinforce the protection of corporate computer networks in an increasingly connected society.

ProHacktive responds to this challenge by completing the range of tools available to network managers with a preventive solution that is functionally and financially accessible to all companies, from VSE to ETI.

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About Itancia

Founded in 1991, Itancia is an eco-responsible distributor and service provider, specialising in communication, collaboration and network infrastructure solutions for companies in Europe and Africa. The Itancia group has achieved 40% growth over the last 3 years, a turnover of 200 million euros in 2020 and an international presence via 450 employees in 9 subsidiaries. Itancia’s teams support their clients through each of the key stages of their projects: before, during and after the deployment of the solutions.
With more than 5,000 resellers, the Itancia group is structured around 3 activities:

1. The distribution of unique technological solutions, tailored to the requirements and constraints of each customer, with more than 60 brands listed, leaders in their markets.

2. The creation of ecological solutions to control and renew the life cycle of products.

3. Customer support and the provision of value-added services based on technical, intellectual, logistical and industrial know-how.

Itancia is certified: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, CSR ISO 26000, ISO 50001, Ecovadis 2021.

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