Repair your or your customer’s electronic equipment in D+1 to D+5 !

01 June 2022

With our electronic repair service, you can offer a tailor-made service to keep your equipment or your customer’s equipment in good working order.

As specialists in electronic repairs since 1991, we are able to work on all types of equipment for you or your customers.

Thanks to our 13,000 m² workshop dedicated to repairs and our stock of 2 million spare parts, we can repair your products within 1 to 5 working days depending on your project.

We repair more than 165,000 products annually on behalf of our partners.

Our partners have confidence in the quality of the services we offer. Our approach is transparency, we provide our customers with a tracking software that allows them to consult all the stages of the product repair process:

-Tracking of items at each stage of the repair process

-Recording of repairs carried out

-Tracking of repairs by technician

-Customisable product labelling

-A personalised repair report

Here are the main items we repair:

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