Towards a more responsible consumption?

17 June 2020

During the lockdown, the near-total shutdown of the global economy had a strong ecological impact. In China, a recent study reports a quarter drop in carbon emissions over a four-week period, or 200 million tonnes of CO2 in total. That’s almost two thirds of the total emissions of a country like France (source Les Echos Star).
This ecological transformation, which has certainly been forced, could change everyone’s habits and mentalities. Indeed, 68% of French people say they are ready to adopt a more eco-responsible behaviour after the pandemic (Omnibus survey for Yougov).
This trend will increase in the years to come because today’s young generations, already very aware of responsible consumption, will be the decision-makers of tomorrow.

Refurbishment means responsible purchasing

Refurbished products are increasingly becoming part of users’ purchasing habits and are a perfect response to companies’ ecological challenges.

Purchasing refurbished products gives products a second life and reduces its impact on the environment.

Buying “refurbished” products from Itancia Again means reducing your carbon footprint by 4.

The “second-hand” market is worth €7 billion, a figure that has been rising for several years (and should reach €50 billion by 2022 according to Xerfi), thanks in particular to the ever-increasing popularity of refurbished electronics (such as smartphones and PCs) among users.

Did you know this?

Europe is now the world’s leading region for the refurbished PC market with 740 million euros in 2019. In France, refurbished PCs are the second most popular product category after smartphones.

Think refurbished to save money

Choosing refurbished products over new ones is also an economic reflex!

The current crisis will prompt most companies to cut costs and this will undoubtedly accelerate the growth of repackaging.

The purchase of refurbished products allows savings of up to 70% depending on the type of product. This makes it possible to obtain a highly functional product at a lower price or to move upmarket at an affordable price.

Itancia Again has the largest portfolio and stock in Europe with over 150,000 products in stock from leading brands in telecoms, data, licences, PCs, mobility, VSE/TV.

Itancia Again, 1st French refurbisher, is your global partner in the circular economy!

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