2019/2020 CSR Assessment

03 August 2020

Discover our 2019 CSR actions as well as our 2020 objectives.

Itancia, a commited stakeholder

Founded in 1991 by Yann Pineau, Itancia began its activity with by marketing eco-recycled corporate telephony equipment and then quickly diversified into the distribution of telecommunications equipment and network infrastructure, electronic repair, value-added services and customised logistics.

The Itancia Group has been experiencing double-digit growth for several years, sustained by an ambitious strategic vision. Again is a brand developed by Itancia, whose ambition is to give a new turn to
Through its brand Again, Itancia offers refurbished products such as: smartphones, tablets, headphones and smart objects.

Itancia, a committed stakeholder with a deeply engagement to sustainable development. Since its creation, the group has multiplied its initiatives to be part of its environment in a sustainable way.
Itancia pursues a continuous improvement approach, with three different strategic axes: an environmental, societal and economic.

This Sustainability Report presents our responsible commitments, the associated actions taken in 2019, and our plans for 2020.

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