To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Itancia is giving itself a makeover and strengthening its unique market positioning

16 September 2021

Created in 1991 in Maine-et-Loire, western France, Itancia was born out of a pragmatic and innovative idea from its founder Yann Pineau: the idea of giving telecom equipment a second life and extending its lifespan by repairing and refurbishing it rather than throwing it away. Building on this successful premise, Itancia has diversified, and is now an undisputed specialist in the business communication, collaboration, networks and security market. Itancia now helps nearly 5,000 partners, has a workforce of over 550, and is building an international presence through 9 subsidiaries in Europe, Africa & the USA.

Itancia is turning 30 years old

To mark its 30th anniversary, Itancia is strengthening its unique positioning on the market through the creation of three new strategic pillars based on its existing areas of activity:

These businesses, embodied in three new brands, meet market needs in terms of new technology and environmental responsibility. The Itancia group is thus providing its customers with all the technological, human and environmental solutions they need to tackle our society’s challenges today and in the future.

The environment has become an absolute priority for companies. Initiatives and regulations are springing up fast: carbon neutrality by 2050, mandatory CSR and greenhouse gas assessments, anti-waste laws, repairability index, carbon score, etc. In addition, demand from end users and consumers for second-hand products is growing exponentially. Be it with a view to preserving the environment and/or making financial savings, the expectations are real. Whatever the sector, every company must set about reducing its environmental impact by providing its employees with technology solutions that are powerful, sustainable, suited to all usage practices, and green.

To tackle these challenges of the future, the Itancia group offers its customers the benefit of its unique experience on its market by providing tailor-made solutions striking a perfect balance between technology, economy and ecology.

“With this new organisational structure built around three complementary pillars, we are providing a simple, comprehensive and expert response to current and future market challenges, helping companies be as precise as possible in the selection, rollout and use of innovative technology solutions, while engaging them in a sustainable approach through the use of second-life solutions to reduce their environmental impact. Itancia Factory lends a unique and essential cohesion to companies’ projects by providing the services and advice they need at every stage of the technology adoption process. The group also has two consumer brands: 909 on the home electrical & electronic repairs market, and Again for refurbished smartphones & tablets. This unique positioning offers clear proof of our commitment and determination to support our customers through efficient solutions allying innovation and conservation. It is not a matter of choosing between business and the environment; it is about working to achieve synergies between the two. says Thierry LE GOFF, Chief Executive Officer of Itancia.

Itancia has always known how to evolve, improve and adapt to make sure the group and its ecosystem perform to their full capacity.

Thierry Le Goff, Chief Executive Officer of Itancia

A distinct visual identity

To assert this unique market positioning and convey its long-standing values – people, performance and sustainable development – the Itancia group has rethought its visual identity and brand strategy.

“With this new logo, we are giving the Itancia group a strong, serious, high-status identity, in keeping with its history, its values and its market positioning. It was important for us and our customers that this logo should represent the unique and long-standing environmentally friendly foundations of our group. This logo gets straight to the point, with an understated, uncluttered design that reflects our determination to do better with less. This overhaul is accompanied by a new communication strategy for Itancia and its businesses in order to meet the needs of each target more precisely,” explains Clément HERAUD, Director of Marketing & Communications, Itancia group.

The visual identity of the three new brands reflects their belonging to the Itancia group while using specific colours and visuals to represent the specific features of each pillar’s business.

Itancia Technology, its logo and its brand universe represent new technology and innovation, while retaining a natural, mineral-blue colour scheme to remain consistent with the group’s positioning. Finally, the design around the dot represents the idea of choice of products, a tailor-made solution selected with care to meet each customer’s usage needs.

Itancia Factory, its logo and its brand universe symbolise services and human know-how. The colour chosen symbolises people, the earth, and life, while adding a warm and trustworthy feel. Here, the design around the dot represents the idea of support, the path to a smile, an exponential curve symbolising customer satisfaction and performance.

Itancia Again, its logo and its brand universe evoke responsible technological innovation and the notion of a second life. The green colour chosen provides the quintessential representation of nature, a far cry from flashier greens that might symbolise a passing trend. Here, the design around the dot signifies each stage of the product life cycle, the circular economy, reuse and the virtuous cycle Itancia Again wants to create for its customers and partners.

Digital strategy

In addition to the work done on its organisational structure and its brand identity, Itancia has also engaged in a digital transformation by completely overhauling its corporate site This new site conveys the group’s new visual identity and shares all the information customers need for their projects simply and intuitively. This digital transformation will also enable our partner manufacturers and vendors to improve the visibility and clarity of their brands and offerings online via pages designed to optimise the user experience and Google search performance.

The site highlights the key features of the group (history, missions, key figures, CSR commitment, etc.) while offering clearly identifiable sections dedicated to each of its three pillars. Itancia Technology, Itancia Factory and Itancia Again thus have digital showcases in which to promote their business, their strengths and their offers, with quality content and an optimised user experience. Customers can also buy the solutions offered online via the group’s e-commerce site, directly connected to the corporate site and accessible 24/7.

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