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Our experts deliver products and services related to software tool development, application packaging, databases, business intelligence and office automation solutions.

The development strategy for our software offering is based on stringent selection of the brands we represent and the products we distribute and on the added value we bring.

Market-leading software vendors (Microsoft, Flexera, SAP, VMWare, Acronis, etc.) recognise our expertise, and trust us to promote and build a base for their products in France. They take care of the software development, while we handle the distribution side. We have one of the broadest offerings in the industry (more than 150 software vendors, more than 500 B2B applications) in terms of both quantity and the profile of the brands represented.

A catalogue of more than 500 On-premise and Cloud software solutions to meet your customers’ needs

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Expertise in licensing so that we can advise you on all your projects

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*This list of brands is not exhaustive for all distribution countries.

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