Second-hand licences: a choice that allows significant savings!

14 May 2020

Digital transformation, mobility and especially BYOD have shaken up the culture and organisation of companies, which are increasingly having to develop workstations and licences. The impact of this digital change is also noticeable on budgets, as the share of expenditure allocated to software licence acquisitions is growing significantly, representing between 20 and 40% of the IT budget. Software Asset Management has therefore become necessary and is at the heart of all business issues.

What is the alternative?

More and more companies are opting for second-hand softwares. For the same performance, the acquisition costs are significantly lower (up to 70%) than for a new software.

Many companies are unaware of it, but the trade in second-hand software has long been prohibited and is now legal since the European Court of Justice (CJEU) ruling C128-11 of 3 July 2012.

The French second-hand market is growing and is currently one of the most dynamic (No. 2 in Europe behind Germany) and is experiencing increasing demand from public buyers.

In this unprecedented context where company finances are under strain, buying second-hand software licences allows business continuity by limiting expenses.

Second-hand licences?

Second-hand licences are licences that have already been purchased by a user (from the publisher or a distributor) but are no longer (or have never been) used.

25% of bought licences are not or no longer used by companies

These unused licences are the result of “oversized” purchases, migration to a new technology and abandonment of the software, downsizing, liquidation, … and would represent a potential market value in the second hand software market of 5 billion euros.

Why choosing second-hand licences?

In addition to the savings (up to 70%), the second-hand market allows companies to gain agility and flexibility:

A secure legal framework

It is essential to surround yourself with an experienced supplier when buying/selling your used software. Indeed, the process of transferring the vendor must be well defined and respect the legislation.

With Itancia Again, it’s simple!

We take care of all the administration for the sale and certify that the licenses sold are fully compliant with the legal framework.

The transactional legal framework is thus known and assured: Invoice and BL in the name of the client leading to the transfer of the right to use the licence.

Contact your sales representative for more information.

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